Nicola Nice

A sociologist by training, Dr. Nicola Nice worked in the world of spirits innovation for over a decade before launching Pomp & Whimsy, an award-winning gin company on a mission to give women back their rightful place in the story of Mother Gin, in 2017. As the founder and CEO, Nicola has devoted her professional career to understanding how consumers connect with categories and brands, consulting for some of the largest global producers including Diageo, Bacardi, and Gruppo Campari.  

“One way (I uplift women) is by refusing to let women apologize when an apology is not needed or called for - you'd be amazed how often we do it,” says Nice. “I find every opportunity to prove that my intuition was correct, while learning and growing from every instant I was not.” 

Nicola’s dedication to writing women back into cocktail history has been profiled in The New York Times, Vogue, and Wine Enthusiast. In 2019, Forbes named her one of the top women running the liquor world. She is based in NYC and holds a BA in Human Sciences from the University of Oxford and a PhD in Sociology from Imperial College London.

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