Pam Covarrubias

As someone who has been told she’s prettier when she’s quiet, Pam Covarrubias is dedicated to using her voice to help liberate other business owners. Her business coach work leans heavily on decolonization and liberation principles, and Pam works with primarily female entrepreneurs to decolonize their business practices so they can amplify their voice, tap into their intuition, and flow with the natural rhythms in body and business. She incorporates somatic tools like EFT/Tapping and coaching principles that support the nervous system without shame and guilt. Throughout her work, Pam's goal is to remove the damages of Calladita Culture™️, a principle instilled in first-generation women and femmes in the United States that tells them to be quiet and submissive.

“I became the business coach my mom needed. I uplift women by reminding them of their voice, the power they have, and I support them so they can own their story,” she says. “(I love) seeing the personal and professional work of women in business. Hearing when people's lives are moved by the stories I share on my podcast. Those things continue to drive me to keep going.

Pam, who is based in San Diego, recently launched Inés, Tap Into The Power of Your Inner Seasons to create thoughtful disruption and spark conversation among women inside her group coaching program, PowerSisters™️

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