Polina Ivko

A native of Ukraine and a NYC transplant, Polina lives between multiple hashes. She’s an award-winning attorney, mediator, serial entrepreneur, board member, speaker, and philanthropist as well as a lifetime artist, musician, and researcher. With all these spinning plates, it was only natural for her to start Ivko LLC, a LAW FIRM FOR VISIONARIES™– which works with the art, entertainment, luxury goods, NFT and tech industries. Since its inception in 2018, Polina’s firm has helped over 200 visionaries materialize their ideas and dreams, and she is known as the original NFT lawyer, and remains a go-to legal expert for NFT players. 

“Running my own business means I have no excuse to do work that does not align with my values,” she says. “For me (that’s) benevolence, courage, respect, loyalty, imagination, collaboration, and resilience.”

Polina, who is based in NYC, also advises a number of particularly unique clients (such as foreign ministries of culture on their legal affairs in the US). She contributes her success in part to the amazing team that she proudly built with a keen eye for emerging talent, as well as empowering those traditionally marginalized. When Polina is not working, she is supporting nonprofits that assist creatives and innovators who have been affected by war, conflict, and/or disabilities. Most recently, she has established U:HEAL, a private nonprofit foundation dedicated to rebuilding the lives of Ukrainian artists as they fight to survive Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

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