Rachael Edwards

Rachael Edwards is a writer, performer, and social media manager for Allure Magazine. After interning with ForHarriet in 2015, she began self-publishing on Medium and writing for various publications including New York Magazine, Bustle, Essence and Glamour Magazine. 

“I love the idea of taking a look at where you are and always remembering the ones who helped you to get there,” she said. “In this awareness, I enjoy mentoring other women from all backgrounds that are just as hungry as I was when starting off in media and the digital creator space. I enjoy carving time out of my schedule to dedicate it to my mentees and those who are seeking help in their respective fields.

Rachael, who is based in New York City, has professionally performed at the Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.’s Cherry Blossom Festival, and Joe’s Pub in New York City. In addition to her own performance work, Rachael organizes and hosts workshops with art organizations on how to serve rising Black and Brown artists and break down what equity should look like in arts programs with minority youth.

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