Rachael Ferris

Rachael Ferris is doing it big by making things small. The Los Angeles-based miniaturist and prop artist always had a creative side, but it wasn’t until a particularly rough time in 2019 that she discovered her artistic passion for tiny treasures. “Once I started building my first miniature out of scraps of trash and recyclables, I couldn’t get enough — it was an outlet I had clearly been desperate for,” says Rachael ”I became obsessed with my own creativity, and it gave me a sense of control at a time when I felt my life was out of control.”

Rachael is now the founder of RLilCreations and has worked for clients like Disney, Adidas and Spotify — though she admits the pieces that get the most praise and inquiry are her cartoon house replications, including for Bob’s Burgers and Duncanville. “It’s a fun way to have my favorite cartoons come to life,” she says. “I get to live vicariously through my miniature work as I build, escaping into a quiet, tiny little world.”

Rachael was nominated for the Hall of Femme by Sadie Nash, who called her work “stunning” and expressed admiration for the way she’s followed her passion for miniature making. “Having a support system of maker friends has been a huge asset to my creativity, and definitely something I rely on consistently,” says Rachael, who encourages others to follow their creative dreams. “In addition to surrounding yourself with other makers and artists, my main advice for anyone wanting to pursue an artistic career is to just go for it,” she says. “If you are passionate about something, there’s no one holding you back but you.”

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