Rachael Petach

Rachael Petach is an artist, event consultant, and the founder and CEO of Current Cassis, a low-ABV spirit made from sweet, lightly fermented blackcurrant liqueur. The Hall of Femme honoree began developing C.Cassis in 2018 while six months pregnant and bored with mocktails; she was eager to create something close to the tipple she enjoyed during her years in France. Two years later, the “ethical, ecological” Hudson Valley-based company was launched, and soon featured in The New York Times. For Rachael, success is “doing something that you love which positively impacts the earth and those around you.” She’s also making sure those involved get a piece of the action. “As we start to grow our small team, we are creating a path to collective ownership so that the success of the brand is the shared success of everyone who works on it,” she says.

A veteran of the hospitality industry, Rachael has produced countless art- and food-focused events and founded the artist residency program at Wythe Hotel — an initiative that elevates Black, queer and trans voices through performance, interdisciplinary and creative writing opportunities. She loves being able to work and surround herself with “all of the amazing artists, photographers, and other founders that form this cassis world,” including her right hand woman Boo Boo Darlin (“an incredible burlesque performer”) and her partner, graphic designer Steve Quested. 

“In the most straightforward way, we make something that brings people joy which feels meaningful in a world as fraught as this one,” Rachael says. And it’s way more than just a beverage. “By creating something from an underutilized (and long-outlawed!) agricultural product, we are introducing a new generation to this amazing flavor, its unique benefits, and new potential for positive environmental impact through regional economies and agroforestry development.”

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