Rhenee Bartlett

Rhenee Bartlett is COO and a Founding Partner at Whym, a sales platform connecting consumers with minority- and women-owned brands via text-to-buy and commerce tools. The self-described travel enthusiast and “sunset worshiper” has an impressive background in marketing and production — prior to launching Whym, she served as Head of Event Marketing, Experiential and Partnerships for Snap Inc. Spectacles. 

“Success is feeling accomplished in everything that you do; it's not just one final end goal,” says Rhenee, who was nominated to the Hall of Femme by Whym CEO Kelly Nyland. “Each day is filled with successes, some big and some small, each one building on the one before it. I never expect to reach a point where I feel completely successful because there is always something else I want to achieve. So success to me is continuing to move forward, learn, grow and do.”

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