Rosario B Casas

Hall of Femme honoree Rosario B Casas is “obsessed” with preparing women to solve problems with technology. The award-winning, Colombian-born entrepreneur has more than 20 years experience as an executive, and is the co-founder of XR Americas, a software company using spatial computing systems (AR + VR + AI!) to improve workforce learning. She is also the co-founder of the BCPartners consulting firm and #Brooklyn2Bogota, a digital transformation incubator for Hispanic small business owners. 

“I come from a feminine lineage of phenomenal women,” says Rosario. “My grandmother was a woman advanced for her era, a teacher, always inspiring the younger generations. From her I learned the importance of giving back. And my mother is a woman impacting others’ lives through her career advising entrepreneurs and business leaders. From her I learned the importance of a role model.”

Rosario’s impressive career has allowed her to learn new things every day and show other Latinx tech pioneers what she’s picked up. Making a positive impact on the communities around her is not something she takes lightly. “I love being a mentor and role model for younger women, but I also love to meet women who could be my mentors and role models,” Rosario says. “It is the best way to connect intergenerationally.”

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