Sadie Nash

Sadie Nash is a fabrication, miniatures, sets, and props artist – under the moniker “Crooked Crown” – who also dabbles in visual experiments. While her artistic foundation is in fine art and woodworking, Sadie departed from traditional making to create specific fantasy designs for largely TV and film. Her recent projects include fabrication and art direction for Bob’s Burgers, lead design and decoration for a Facebook Market pop-up campaign, scenic design for Lizzo’s Rumors music video, event installation for Lil Nas X: Birthday, and more. She loves the constant change and problem solving in her work, which often leads to beautiful, valuable results – and Sadie tries not to define success. 

“I think it's a fluctuating state,” she says. “We are alive, we try our best. To define it too narrowly is to deprive ourselves of opportunities to grow and change.”

Sadie grew up on the east coast and gradually made her way across the country until accidentally landing in LA, where she is now based.

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