Safiya Jihan Miller

Safiya blazes her own creative path in technology, fashion, entrepreneurship and philanthropy, to empower others. By "day," she leads a team of client executives and technology leaders at Microsoft and by "night," she's an entrepreneur. Safiya founded the vibrant womenswear line Safiya Jihan, which was influenced by her mother and Caribbean roots, and has been featured in PopSugar, the Grio, and the Daily Beast and partnered with Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, The W Hotel, and Bumble.

“A highlight of running my business is the opportunity to inspire and empower women to live life boldly and colorfully,” Safiya said. “We do this by investing back into our community throughout our supply chain and as we intentionally build out our team, from our San Francisco-based manufacturer to our social media manager.” 

Safiya, who’s based in San Francisco, graduated from Harvard with a BA in Psychology and a Foreign Language Citation in Spanish. She lived and worked abroad in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and then completed her MBA focused on Digital Marketing at Cornell University. She’s passionate about education empowerment and started the No Boundaries Scholarship with her brother, Daren, in 2012 to honor high school students that dare to dream big and pursue America’s best post-secondary opportunities. In her most important role to date, she is a new mom - with her husband, Bakari, Safiya recently welcomed fraternal twin warrior princesses Zuri and Zaila.

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