Sam Hartsock

Sam Hartsock’s belief in purpose-driven business has taken her on a journey through multiple disciplines. As a Director at, she transformed the way people, businesses and elected representatives engage with one another. Sam is now a co-founder and Partner at qb consulting, a small, women-owned and BIPOC-led ESG consulting firm where she helps companies like Verizon, Ben & Jerry’s and Upwork turn values into action through ESG strategy design and communications. Along with co-founder Noemí Jiminez, Sam founded qb in 2017 to disrupt the “business as usual” mindset in corporate responsibility consulting, and be a people-first organization that donates one percent of profits to nonprofits advancing equity and justice. 

“I'm still in awe that I am working on a business built from pitching an idea to a friend and former coworker, and that I was lucky enough she decided to take the leap with me,” says the Hall of Femme honoree. “Now we are one of the few diverse, women-owned ESG consultancies winning business and competing with firms 100 times our size.”

When she’s not saving the world at work, Sam immerses herself in her two greatest passions: rallying the next generation of climate and gender justice advocates through her work with the nonprofit Remake, and fly fishing. 

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