Samantha Harris

As the Global Sustainability and ESG Lead at Tesla, Samantha Harris drives the implementation of their mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy across operations and supply chain. But she’s been a fierce advocate for climate change throughout her career — prior to Tesla in 2021, Sam led the climate justice and resilience practice at BSR, working with companies to reduce their climate footprint while putting those most affected by climate impacts at the center. She's also partnered with advocacy organizations to push for the best outcome at UN climate change negotiations, primarily leading up to the Paris Agreement in 2015.

“Throughout the course of my career, I've seen a change in how companies are thinking about sustainability and impact,” says Sam. Growing up in Alaska, she saw the impact of climate change everywhere she went. “Being outdoors with my parents really instilled in me that long-term environmental conservation is crucial to our existence,” she says. “I got the added bonus of seeing the most beautiful places in the world on a daily basis; I want to try and preserve this for generations.”

"Sam is a total badass doing amazing work to address climate change, both in her day job and in her free time,” says Lis Best, who nominated her for the Hall of Femme. “She has worked in climate since way before it was cool and been to more UNFCCC climate negotiations than I can count.”

Even though preserving the planet is at the heart of Sam’s work, what she loves most is geting the opportunity to connect with other amazing women doing amazing things. “The community I've accumulated along the way never ceases to amaze me,” she says. “These people [are] continuing to lead with passion and fierceness to make the world a better place for those that need it most.”

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