Samantha Patil

Life’s a trip – and no one knows that better than Sam Patil, co-founder and CEO of Well Traveled, a travel club for modern travelers. Prior to starting Well Traveled, Sam built her career in consumer tech and marketing where she led go-to-market strategies, international marketing and member monetization programs at some of the world's biggest consumer brands. Her previous roles include leadership positions at Pandora Media, Snapchat and most recently Dollar Shave Club. Sam's been featured in multiple podcasts and shared her expertise across numerous top tier publications including the Wall Street Journal, AdWeek, Travel + Leisure, The Washington Post, Business Insider and New York Magazine. She was featured as one of Travel Massive's Top 100 Inspiring Women Travel Founders and is a proud member of the Female Founder Collective, Dreamers and Doers and All Raise's Visionary Voices.

“Samantha and (cofounder Casi Hough) are paving the way as female founders in a male dominated industry. Many of the biggest travel companies in the world were founded and are run by men and yet 80% of all travel decisions are made by women,” says Laura Bishop, who nominated Samantha for the Hall of Femme. “Sam and Casi are changing that narrative with an offering catered towards modern female travelers (with 75% of all members identifying as women).”

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