Samira Khan

Samira Khan is a global changemaker and corporate intrapreneur at the intersection of social innovation, impact and technology. She serves as AI & Sustainability Market Development Director at Microsoft, where she led key multi-stakeholder relationships with the goal to stand up cross-sector impact initiatives. Samira has previously held roles at Salesforce and A.T. Kearney, and is currently committed to business model innovation, tech solutions, impact startups, and cross-sector partnerships to address climate change. 

The Hall of Femme honoree uplifts other women in a multitude of ways. “I spend time listening to females in my circle, those who reach out to me, and my often far younger mentees,” says Samira. “I also invest my assets — time, finances, commitment — in women, especially by supporting female entrepreneurs from marginalized or harder-to-reach communities, and joining female-focused funds and networks” like Portfolia's FemTech Fund. 

As such, Samira wholeheartedly believes in the power of empathy. “Empathy is the only way we are going to create a more conscious, compassionate, and connected world,” she says. “I like to create cross-sector models that bring unlikely partners and players to an ethereal table. In doing so, I hope to shape culture for a healthier world for all.”

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