Sana Akhand

In 2018, Sana Akhand found herself married to the right man for the wrong reasons, in a job that gave her status but not satisfaction, and daily habits that left her feeling disconnected, lost, and at war within her own mind. She quit her six-figure corporate job in NYC to travel the world, started a company – Friendship Club – to cure loneliness, and went on a deep inner-work journey by getting her first solo apartment while married (a love story that recently went viral on the internet). Now, as the host of the Dear Younger Me podcast, writer, and public speaker, Sana is on a mission to make the world a little less lonely through self-empowerment and authentic connections. 

“Once we heal our scarcity mindset and understand there is an abundance of wealth, joy and success for all of us, it becomes second nature to uplift and support each other,” she says. “Instead of being jealous of others, I look at that feeling as an opportunity to be inspired by what someone else has achieved and proof (of) what is possible for me. Celebrating each other's wins lifts all of us up.”

Sana, who is a South Asian American, often found it difficult to fit in either culture. Due to her rebellious nature, she didn’t find belonging in her family, either, so she’s always made her own rules to create happiness, and now helps others break the chains of societal and cultural norms to become the creators of their dream life, too. She’s currently at work on her first book and has been featured in Business Insider, The Tamron Hall Show, Marketplace: This is Uncomfortable Podcast, ATTN:, and more. She is currently based in LA.

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