Sara Weaver

Sara Weaver loves a good adventure. As VP of sales strategy and marketing execution for Belgian Boys, a NYC-based company that makes sweet treats with non-GMO ingredients, she embraces every day as a new beginning. Sara has 13 years of experience in consumer product goods (marketing and sales functions), and she joined Belgian Boys to continue her pursuit to build amazing brands, drive growth, and contribute to building a fantastic culture – including creating space for other women to have a voice.

“Regardless of what the conversation is about, (it’s) just giving time and room for other women to share their point-of-view, and I have learned so much when I remember to do this,” says Sara. “I love thinking about the bigger picture, getting things done, and working with others to solve problems and create a meaningful future.”

Sara, who is based in New York, is also passionate about driving growth personally by spending time with family and friends and getting outside to travel, run and garden. 

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