Sarrah Hallock

After spending years building brands like vitaminwater, bai and WTRMLN WTR, Sarrah Hallock decided to focus on her integrative health coach and nutritionist training. Today she is co-founder and COO of The Well, which draws from Eastern and Western medicine to bring together doctors and healers to collaborate and create best-in-class spaces, products and content that help people feel the best they can.

What started as a members-only luxury wellness facility in New York City became something more after the pandemic, as The Well shifted to holistic practitioner treatments, fitness classes, products and spa services for the general public. Sarrah, who’s also NYC-based, continues to serve as an advisor and investor for other large brands as well. 

“The Well brings eastern & western medicine together in beautiful healing urban environments,” says Jessica Raiter, who nominated Sarrah for the Hall of Femme. “She has worked incredibly hard to build a new vision of holistic health and preventative wellness.”

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