Sheereen Price and Gabrielle Mustapich

Sheereen Price and Gabrielle Mustapich know a thing or two about bringing the coolest ideas to life. Sheereen and Gabby are taking the adult beverage market to the next level with Hardpops, a low-calorie, boozy “freezee.” The idea came to them on a hot summer night when they were craving a delicious drink that would cool them down. That idea led to the birth of one of the coolest, female-owned companies on the market, and one that is about to re-launch on a grand scale.  Having been forced to relocate to the U.S. due to Hardpops not being compliant in most of Canada, Sheereen and Gabby have used the move as an opportunity to join Los Angeles' vibrant CPG-founder community. 

What sets them apart from competitors is their genius branding and marketing, and their willingness to get their hands dirty to ensure a top quality product. Price and Mustapich have their finger on the pulse of all things cool and relevant: blending an eye-catching color palette and emojis with tasty flavors, they bring an element of fun to the beverage industry. 

But it was their drive and perseverance that led them to find solutions to the problems faced by many new business owners. They have been actively involved in every step of the process from ordering and operating all sorts of production equipment to working with investors and raising capital. They applied their business and marketing backgrounds to build Hardpops in their vision. 

Previously, Gabby was the Principal Owner of Forty Nine North Creative, a Vancouver-based creative marketing agency shining the light on small businesses and solo-preneurs. The marketing guru leverages her skills in web, UI/UX, graphic design, and visual storytelling to elevate the presence of growing businesses. 

Sheereen was the lead in developing the formula for Hardpops and was a visionary for the overall business execution. Her commerce savvy skills are an inspiration for more female entrepreneurs entering the alcohol market. 

The two friends have proved that the company’s potential for growth is unlimited and that a strong partnership will foster exciting opportunities.