Shelby Rhodes

Shelby Rhodes doesn’t run from problems - she runs for them. During the pandemic, the San Francisco-based runner started the Anti-Racist Run Club, which uses its platform to listen to and center the communities impacted by racism. Rhodes, who is a white woman, partners with others who have been doing groundbreaking work and know what resources could be transformative and beneficial to the health, wellness, and uplifting of these communities.

The club has a diverse running membership, and the participants turn out for runs throughout San Francisco, cleanup days, Zoom meetings, post-run discussions, and even letter writing to political officials. The first meet in 2020 drew 80 runners who ran three miles in protest of racial inequity.  

“We hope to continue using running as a mobilizer for change for today’s racial inequities. These runners in San Francisco continue showing up every month to do their part, and it’s inspiring to watch the long-term commitment,” says Rhodes.

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