Shelley Zalis

Shelley Zalis is the founder and CEO of The Female Quotient, an equality services company providing thought leadership platforms to women and developing solutions for organizations committed to closing the gender gaps at work. The company is “fueled by the ideas, ambitions, innovations, and empathy of working women around the world.” In addition to being an internationally renowned thought leader, movement maker and champion of equality, Shelley is a pioneer for online research, becoming the first female chief executive ranked in the research industry’s top 25. 

The Hall of Femme honoree pens a Forbes column that provides virtual mentorship for women in middle management. She is also co-founder of #SeeHer — a movement to increase the accurate reflection of women and girls in media — and sits on the board of directors for MAKERS. Shelley has an incredible passion for her job and most enjoys “breaking the rules of the workplace that make no sense, and creating new ones!” It’s work that motivates her every day. “I define success by pursuing my passions, overcoming obstacles and being the best wife, mother and daughter I can be,” Shelley says. 

Uplifting other women is the backbone of Shelley’s career and she is dedicated to “giving back with generosity” by mentoring women and girls to pursue their passions. “The best leaders today are caregivers who lead with empathy, compassion and flexibility,” says Shelley. “[These are] values I learned from my parents, who taught me everything I know about family and work and living every day to the fullest.”

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