Skyler McCurine

Skyler, AKA Le Red Balloon, is a San Diego-based speaker, emcee, and founder of Le Red Balloon, which offers pay negotiation and advocacy coaching. Her focus is on breaking through all the systemic factors and barriers that keep professional and financial advancement stagnant, and her goal is bringing greater equity to their tables of leadership, companies, projects, families and lives. Her clients have negotiated for greater pay, terms, promotional paths, flexible work schedules, and stock options. 

What started as a program to help little girls find their gifts became a styling service to make middle-aged women feel confident, and now, Skyler is informing women how to be financially literate through tools she has learned through operating Le Red Balloon. This includes equal pay seminars, especially created for women of color. Le Red Balloon has been featured in Tedx, The Huffington Post, Bloomberg Businessweek, and more. 

“Sky has made it her life goal to uplift women,” said nominator Jonna (NEED LAST NAME). “She has an entrepreneurial spirit and has shifted her services over the years as a result.” Skyler also believes in celebrating nontraditional milestones for her lady friends and loves to unwind with bubbles. Find her on Instagram: @leredballoon