Steevy Griffin

Steevy Griffin is a marketing expert and the Chief of Staff at Whym, a female-focused software suite that helps minority- and women-owned brands leverage the technology of social selling. “I love contributing to a business that I believe in, and assisting a powerful woman to help her get shit done!” Steevy says of working with Whym’s CEO and founder, Kelly Nyland

In addition to her work in tech, Steevy is a pre-licensed therapist and serves her community at CityCouples, a private practice specializing in professional couples and individuals in urban areas. “As a therapist, I absolutely love assisting my clients with clearing a path so that they can realize their own power,” she says. “Therapy isn't about helping, it's about motivating your clients to discover and see their own potential to create change.”

It’s “gratitude and coffee” that gets Steevy up in the morning, but she keeps herself going with one gentle reminder: “I am in the very space that I once dreamt of and hoped for.” 

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