Sterling Champion

Despite what felt like many failed attempts at success, Sterling Champion believes she has spent her whole life preparing for The SHE Mark. Born out of an idea that came to Sterling on International Women's Day 2017, the SHE Mark is a benefit corporation on a mission to make gender equality an ‘everyone issue’ through SHE certification marks that let consumers, job applicants, and business partners know a business is women-led. Before founding The SHE Mark with partner Ilana Broad, Sterling spent a decade learning from corporate, startup, mid-level, freelance, and hourly work environments while building myriad skills. She regularly held multiple jobs at once, which allowed her to learn business operations as well as time management. It was through these diverse landscapes and positions Sterling experienced the gendered inequalities common in the workplace, igniting both frustration and a passion to start The SHE Mark and be the change. 

“We are uplifting women at The SHE Mark by building a community of businesses and giving them a tool (our certification marks) that they can use to proudly showcase the fact that they're women-led. The more we focus on those businesses, the closer we will get to reaching economic gender parity,” says LA-based Sterling. “Personally, I uplift the women in my life by helping them pursue and navigate professional endeavors and dreams. I love being a super supportive friend because sometimes, all you need is for someone to believe in you and tell you that you can, in fact, do it.”

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