Susan Su

Susan Su is a growth marketing expert, yoga enthusiast, and partner at Toba Capital, where she backs ambitious entrepreneurs working to decarbonize our global economy and build a climate-positive future. The Hall of Femme honoree is also the creator and Program Director for Climate Change for VCs, a six-week class and community for investors interested in climate tech. Before joining Toba, Susan was a strategic advisor with Sound Ventures and held impressive growth and product roles at Stripe, Google, and Reforge. And while dedicating a career to sustainable innovation amid an ongoing climate crisis hasn’t been easy, Susan sees the silver linings. 

“No longer the realm of scientists and policymakers, you can choose your own climate action adventure and apply a climate lens to anything you want to do,” she says. “The really good news is that working on the climate crisis today is simultaneously heartbreaking, awe-inspiring, intellectually thrilling and totally inclusive of every flavor and form of talent that humanity can come up with.”

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