Suzanne Sinatra

Suzanne Sinatra is a Wall Street marketing executive who left her flourishing career to found Private Packs, a healthcare company that designs wearable, reusable hot and cold packs that relieve private body part pain, swelling, and discomfort on-the-go. The ergonomic design moves with your body for discreet comfort, and addresses the millions of people who suffer from chronic vulvar pain. “I see my work at Private Packs as my mission, and helping others that are unbelievably vulnerable as a great reason to get out of bed in the morning,” says Suzanne. 

The Hall of Femme honoree was inititally set to launch Private Packs in 2017, but was diagnosed with stage three cancer just weeks before her crowdfunding campaign. Suzanne continued to work on the brand as she was chemically induced into menopause, which left her with chronic vaginal dryness — a symptom rarely discussed but experienced by over 1 billion women globally. Happy and healthy today, Suzanne is a fierce advocate for female health.

More proof that Suzanne is a badass: she was a member of the Royal Canadian Armed Forces and one of three women to be selected for a competitive Aircrew Search and Survival course (yes, she’s an expert markswoman!). 

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