Talia Boone

Talia R. Boone entered the floral industry after a groundbreaking 15-year career in sports, entertainment and social impact. Today, she’s the founder and CEO of Postal Petals, which is similar to a farm-to-table produce box service, but for fresh flowers – built from a community of more than 20 domestic farms to curate and ship only the freshest, highest quality flowers available. 

“As an advocate of mental health, I believe strongly in the healing benefits of self-care and mindfulness and I have been lucky enough to find that in the activity of flower arranging,” says Talia. “I love watching other people discover the therapeutic benefits of flower arranging. I love watching them fall in love with the process. My hope is that I can share that with people across the country as they begin to recognize that arranging flowers can be an effective meditative exercise.”

Talia’s passion to achieve long standing systematic social justice spills over into anything she does. In addition to Postal Petals, she is the managing director of INTER:SECT, a tactical solutions agency that serves as a catalyst for pioneering social impact ideas, collaboration and creative opportunities that exist at the intersection of sports & entertainment, business, technology, consciousness, culture and the arts. LA-based Talia is a graduate of San Diego State University.

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