Tata Potesta

Tata Potesta is a skilled marketer who understands the nuances of all aspects of social presence, from planning and development to execution. She created her own LA-based agency, To The Moon Social, and her knowledge of content and delivery has been critical in the launch of major brands and professional services alike. But as Tata built her business, she kept running into a problem: in order to progress and expand, she needed to invest in professional services like graphic design, photography, and web development. It was a catch-22 – in order to be more profitable, she needed to up her game; but in order to up her game, she had to spend more money. She saw many of her creative and entrepreneurial friends running up against the same problem (and often, they needed her help with social media). Naturally, they all started to swap services, and something amazing happened – everyone grew their businesses. This inspired Tata to start Barter & Be, which allows female founders to trade skills and services to take their business to the next level without the hefty price tag.

“This industry keeps you on your toes at all times,” says Tata. “It's always changing and evolving, which allows me to do the same.”

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