Thamina Stoll

Thamina is a go-getter, feminist, and unapologetically big dreamer. From 9-5, Thamina works in Media Sales for a well-known social media platform in New York City. Previously, she spent three years in Dublin leading her company's Women@ group at the firm's EMEA Headquarters, where she won regional MVP, Results, and Leadership Awards. In 2020, Thamina launched the Femme Hive podcast to help young female professionals with the oft-challenging transition from college to workplace. After suffering from post-graduation depression herself, Thamina wanted to raise awareness for mental health while simultaneously encouraging young women to learn about personal finance and how to become better advocates for themselves at work.

“I believe my unique purpose in life is uplifting other women and fighting for gender equality,” said Thamina. “(I love) seeing women gain self-confidence and wealth so they can focus on bettering society and creating their dream lives for themselves and their loved ones.”

Thamina's work has been featured in Thrive Global, Create & Cultivate, and Nasdaq. Born and raised in Germany, Thamina graduated cum laude from Duke University with a bachelor's degree in political science. An avid sports fan, she is an insufferable Duke basketball supporter during March Madness (Go Duke!) and used to work for her beloved hometown team, Bayern Munich, as well as the German soccer league "Bundesliga." 

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