Tracy Adkins

Tracy Adkins is a yoga enthusiast, mom of five daughters and the founder of Jivana, an integrated skincare line fusing the power of modern active skincare ingredients and ayurvedic botanicals. “Jivana is like an extension of myself: authentic, transparent, and ethical,” says Tracy. “In Ayurveda, balance is the key to good health and preventing disease, and this was the goal with our skin care as well.”

Tracy’s career began in modern medicine, where she has been a NCC board certified women’s health care nurse practitioner for more than 20 years. Although she didn't plan on starting a skincare business, the product she developed to treat her daughters' eczema went viral in her community — before she knew it, she was packing orders. Tracy has since been on a mission to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by manufacturing locally, employing wind-powered production plants and using recycled materials. The Hall of Femme honoree was nominated by Maria Karr, who praises her resilience and innovative approach to beauty and wellness. “Her determination and passion for caring for others are truly remarkable,” Maria says. As a fierce supporter of the women in her community, Tracy’s work definitely starts at home. “The greatest way I impact and uplift women is through the five young women I am raising,” she says. “I am their guide in life, their source of constant support and love and their reminder that they are capable, worthy, smart and beautiful.”

One important piece of advice that Tracy shares with her daughters is how to measure success. “Success does not come in a diploma or social status but in your mind,” she says. “Although it is a constant work in progress to detach from everything you can’t control, surrender, embrace the present moment and truly embody self-respect, it has been more fulfilling than any certificate or paystub I’ve ever earned.”

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