Vandita Joshi

Tired of seeing disposable cups being tossed into landfills and oceans, serial entrepreneur and zero-waste living advocate Vandita Joshi decided to take on the challenge to make the most convenient reusable cup. Her brand name, ZYLCH, literally means ‘zero’ and symbolizes a mission to start a zero-waste movement and end the 'dispose of' culture. With ZYLCH, Vandita has set out to make zero-waste living simple, easy, and practical through designing a zero-waste cup that fits into a pocket.  

“It is the 'WHY' that makes all the difference for me,” she says. “ZYLCH is not just a brand, but a life purpose. I am here to make a difference and to leave a mark in the world, by making our planet a better place for the next generations.”

Vandita, who has been mentored by other women in the past, feels honored to pay it forward and help other women advance in the startup and entrepreneurial space. She is currently a mentor with the How Women Lead program, and based in San Jose. 

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